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Passion for the Hunt

EL MILO was transformed from a conventional field to an extreme adventure reserve of big game on open field and confinement. Within the reserve you can perform any type of hunting, either with a firearm or with the very interesting archery.



* Outside the mating season, the Selective Red deer in any of the three combos, the hunting will be done in the open field, thus being 50% effective

Big Game Animals

Stay from 3/1 to 8/30

  • Red Deer:
    • 300-330 SCI
    • 330-365 SCI
    • 365-380 SCI
    • 380 - more SCI -ask us-
  • Blackbuck:
    • 40 -50 cm
    • 50-60 cm
  • Fallow Deer:
  • Mouflon:
  • Four Horned:
  • Patagonian Ram:
  • Buffalo:
  • Axis:
  • Wild Boar::
    • Females, Cubs and < 5 cm:
    • From 5 to 6 cm
    • 6 cm and up: by cm.


Each hunter will be assigned an experienced guide, familiar with the terrain and the habits of the available species, guaranteeing a satisfactory hunting.



The field has strategically located posts for stalking hunting, as well as paths and trails where hunters can walk in search of the desired trophy.

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The guests will have a good organization for every time of the day, they will have 4 meals and snacks

Starting with a full breakfast where they can taste the typical croissants, homemade breads and jams, coffee, juices, and a variety of teas and seasonal fruits.

Typical dishes from the area will be offered, among which are the traditional Argentine Asado (barbecue) and Creole Empanadas. Also, exquisite hunting recipes will be offered so that the hunter can taste the best pieces of the different species obtained in the day, as well as handmade desserts and snacks at any time they want.

  • All inclusive
  • Open Bar:
    Regional Wines, Beers, Mineral water, Soft drinks and Spirits.
  • A different adventure
     For the companions, we offer an exclusive service of horseback riding, sighting of flora and fauna and 4x4 excursions.
  • Laundry and linen service
  • Transfer, Reception and transportation from Santa Rosa Airport to EL MILO, 30 minutes by car.
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  • We offer a 5:30 hour vehicle transfer service from Ezeiza International Airport or Jorge Newbery Airport. In case of choosing this option, consult prices
  •  Consult for provision of weapons and ammunition
  •  Required documentation:
    Hunters need their passports, as well as documentation related to weapons and ammunition to be able to introduce them temporarily in Argentina; for this, the hunter must approach the nearest Argentine consulate or consult with his travel agent. Argentina does not require any special vaccination.
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MARCH - MAY: 10° to 25°C
The weather varies a lot from day to night, it is recommended to bring light clothes for the day, and warm clothes for the night or in case of going out early.
JUNE - AUGUST: 0° to 15° C
In this case, the weather is quite cool and it is recommended to bring warm clothes.
It is always recommended to bring rain clothes all year round.