Required Documentation

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Travel documents for foreigners:

  • Passport (Mandatory Document)
  • Visa: For business or tourism, no visa is required for a stay of less than 90 days.
  • Online payment of the reciprocity/immigration fee. Citizens of the United States, Canada, and Australia must pay this fee in advance before leaving.
    • Go to  and click on “Pay the Reciprocity Fee”.
    • Click on “Continue” and you will be directed to Provincia Pagos.
    • Click on “Migration Fees”.
    • Click on “Register” in the Log In section.
    • Complete the form with the corresponding personal and credit card information. The information provided by the traveler and the entry code are sent online to the National Migration Office (DNM).
    • Print payment receipt.
  • Upon arriving in Argentine territory, go to the DNM office and present the printed receipt.
  • DNM staff will scan the voucher and validate the information to allow you to enter the country.
  • US citizens = U$D 160, multiple entries to Argentina over a period of 10 years. Passengers arriving in Argentina will not be able to enter the country without proof of payment.
    • Firearms forms. All firearms and ammunition must have a temporary entry permit. Complete the "Technical Form for Argentina" and print 4 copies. These forms are in your travel package. Otherwise visit the following page: After picking up your luggage, and before going to Customs you should contact the "Aeronautical Police" to seal your form. Do not sign this form before reaching the police. The seal costs approximately USD 100 per weapon.

    • Exit Rate: U$D 25 (SUBJECT TO ALTERATIONS)
    • United States customs form (mandatory). US Customs strictly enforces the alcohol, tobacco and weapons law, which requires all individuals to register all their firearms in U.S. customs before leaving the country. Otherwise, firearms could be confiscated upon returning from the country. We strongly recommend that all US citizens declare or register all their firearms, cameras, expensive optical devices, jewelry and other valuable items that they transport abroad, before leaving the country. For making the declaration or registration, individuals must present the elements at the customs offices of the United States where they will obtain a certified declaration. This document is called the "certificate of registration of personal effects taken abroad" (form 4457). Customs offices in the United States are usually located near international airports. Individuals will have to take necessary measures required by U.S. customs offices to comply with this requirement before traveling.
    • Medical aspects: check with your doctor to decide which is the best option for you. You may want to check the center's page for disease control and prevention
    • CITES - Appendix II - black antelope. You must have a CITES authorization from the exporting country. Visit, and click on the import / export option for detailed information and corresponding forms. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)
    • If you are traveling with a minor (under 18 years old) remember that you will need to have written consent from BOTH parents to be able to leave the country.

    Keep in mind that from the moment you made your reservation until the departure, the laws, fees and requirements may have been modified.

    Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Travel with special items, firearms and ammunition.


    In order to legally enter your own firearm into Argentina, you need to obtain a temporary permit, both for the weapon and for the ammunition.
    Please check the website of the National Weapons Registry (, where you can obtain the necessary information and download the required forms.
    Submit the forms at the Argentine Consulate for approval.


    Keep your boarding pass during your stay in Argentina.

    Once you arrive in Argentina at the Ministro Pistarini International Airport in Buenos Aires (EZEIZA), after passing the migration control booths and having picked up your luggage and firearms from the conveyor belt, look for the Policía Federal Argentina - RENAR.
    El Milo staff will wait for you when you leave the RENAR office.

    Domestic flights in Argentina: It is forbidden to transport ammunition inside your luggage on the flight. Ammunition must be transported in the weapon case or in a separate case with a key that must be shipped separately. The airline will take care of placing it inside a plastic bag.